Investment Attraction








Economic attractiveness is defined as the ability of a region (geographical area) to attract specific resources from other locations. There are two types of attractiveness: productive economic attractiveness (attracting new activities such as factories, offices, etc.) and residential attractiveness (attracting tourists, retirees, workers, etc.). That is why it is important for regions to highlight their natural heritage and quality of life.

This service offers guidance for towns, communities, and municipalities to develop an investment attraction strategy for their region to build interest among outside businesses to establish themselves in the area, or to attract individuals to settle in the area, either temporarily or permanently. The main objectives of this type of strategy are job creation, diversification, and economic growth.

Topics covered

To make the region attractive, or in other words to promote or communicate the economic, geographic, entertainment, and quality of life attractions of the area, it is important to take stock of these attractions and develop a marketing approach and a long-term attraction strategy.

Work plan

  • Identifying needs
  • Identifying sectors to prioritize
  • Region analysis
  • Analysis report and sales pitch
  • Creating communication tools
  • Strategy development


Highlight your economic attractions to put your region on investors’ maps.


Attract investors to diversify the local economy.



Diversify and grow your economy through production and residential investments.


Generate economic benefits from the investments.