I have known professionally Mr. Caron for the past 5 years. We have had the opportunity to collaborate in various Canadian provinces and together we achieved great results on numerous projects. Mr. Caron stands out for the thoroughness of his work, and he has a keen eye for detail. Experienced manager with developed social skills (and a great sense of humor), he always achieves the targeted goals. I have been very delighted to work with him, and if you want to develop, structure and increase the productivity of your business or association, he will be of a great asset!

In 2015, we thoroughly analyzed the time dedicated by our team to email management. We found out it took up to 35% of the employees’ time. Therefore, we decided to contract Mr. Caron’s services in order to improve our time management and organization skills using computer tools (such as Outlook). The remote online training enabled us to connect our 4 offices simultaneously and its high quality over-exceeded our productivity gain expectations. After 5 months of applying the concepts taught in the training, our organization went down to 16% of personnel time spent managing emails. Conclusion: our team was way more productive thanks to this training, and we saw significant savings in time (19%), but also in money.

Patrice Gauthier, Director of Operations – CDÉA (2015)