Time and Priority Management, Organization and Efficiency

using computer tools (Windows/Mac, Outlook, Office Suite)








Over a third of office professionals’ time is spent managing emails, time, and tasks. That is why it is important to optimize skills to be more efficient and save as much time as possible in order to concentrate more on pursing a mission and achieving goals. Currently, the best adapted (and most widespread) tool for these activities is MS Outlook. It is the only collaborative approach tool that integrates email, calendar, task and contact management.

If you have trouble organizing your work or managing your priorities and tasks, this training will improve your efficiency at work. You will learn to better manage your time and priorities, organize your work, and become more efficient using the computer tools such as Windows/Mac, Office Suite, including Microsoft Outlook.

Participant recommendations

  • Bring your own computer (ideally a laptop): to start applying the configurations and recommendations you learn right away.
  • Involve as many of your colleagues as possible: to get the most out of the collaborative learning and behaviours.

Work plan

  • Theory (only 20% of the training: practical tips and tricks)
  • Configuring computer tools: Outlook (inbox, calendar, tasks, contacts), Windows/Mac OS, Office Suite
  • Effective use of programs and features
  • Documents and tools distributed to participants

Time savings

The configurations and uses help achieve significant time savings every day.

Concrete training

Each participant sets up their own device throughout the demonstrations.



Your performance and that of your organization will increase by making better use of the tools and features.


Optimize collaborative approaches for a higher-performing organization.

Video capsules

The major concepts and functionalities of this training are condensed in 12 video capsules of 15 minutes each. After this training has been taken by participants, it will enable an organization to maintain the level of skills of its employees while adjusting to their learning pace and time schedule. Video capsules can be customized to your organization.

Here is an example of one of these capsules (example available in French only):