Standard Delivery Methods



The individual approach is specifically adapted for employees willing to have personalized training tailored to their learning pace.


The maximum number of participants per group (15–20) varies depending on the delivery method.

Delivery Methods

On site

Our services can be delivered in person on the client’s premises, or in another location.

Remote session

The interactive functions of video calling also enable screen sharing, which facilitates demonstrations and dynamic exchanges (systems used: Skype, ooVoo).

Other Delivery Methods

Customized Follow-Ups

  • One of the most appreciated approaches.
  • The best solution for integrating concepts and knowledge.
  • One of the determining factors in fully grasping the skills shared in the organization.
  • Very suitable for participants who do not have their computer during the time and priority management training.
  • The consultant adapts to the participant’s needs and places an emphasis on their individual needs.

Video Capsules

Following training on organization, we offer you condensed training in video format, suited to your organization. They will enable you or your employees to:

  • Maintain their skill level and upgrade them over time
  • Refresh your knowledge
  • Train new recruits
  • Advance at your own pace
  • Advance according to your availability

    This is also the ideal approach for provincial, territorial, and national networks or businesses with multiple locations to extend 3C Consultants training that has been taken and benefitted from to their teams and satellites across Canada. 

    Under the time and priority management training, there have been 12 video capsules of 15 minutes prepared. Here is an example of one of these capsules (example available in French only):

    Capsule 1 : Configuration de la boîte de réception (1 de 2)

    If you are interested in an English version of this format, please contact us!