Our Experiences


Originally from France, Christophe has over eighteen years of professional experience in international contexts.

He uses his listening skills and attention to client satisfaction to adapt his services to his clients’ needs. His interest and skill in technology make him efficient and professional, and sharing these skills with his clients is as important to him.

Years of experience

Provinces and territories served

Human resources managed

Board of directors members served


Very organized by nature, Christophe redesigned the structure of the organization he managed by implementing internal processes and using new technologies, which he has a keen interest for.


For nearly 8 years, he served as Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization. His various responsibilities included human resources, finances, services, and communication. He was also highly active in the organization’s national network.

Investment Attraction

While based in the United-States, Christophe helped North American businesses enter the European market. This allowed him to develop his skills in investment attraction and regional attractiveness promotion, as he met senior executives of SMEs and large groups.

Millions of $ in budgets managed

Funding requests written

Activity reports written

Partnerships developed


Christophe has been providing consulting and training services since 2014. As someone who is very organized and structured, he first trained his organization’s employees in time management and work organization between 2009 and 2016. Since offering his first external training in 2014, Christophe has had the opportunity to train teams from all across Canada from not-for-profit organizations working at not only the provincial/territorial level, but also the national level.

He also developed a series of online training videos on the same subject for a national Francophone organization.

During his time as Executive Director, Christophe reorganized the administrative, organizational, and information infrastructure. He implemented numerous effective internal tools and processes, and developed internal policies.


Between 2009 and 2016, he was the Executive Director of the Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, a not-for-profit organization that offers economic development expertise to Francophones and Francophiles who want to use French as an added value to strengthen their position in the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Over the course of these seven years, managing the organization’s three offices led him to manage nearly $5 million in budgets, generating over $3.5 million in financial leveraging, manage 80 funding requests and agreements, write over 100 activity reports for provincial and federal funding partners, and manage relationships with over 200 partners. He also reorganized the organization’s internal structure and initiated and managed the development of a new visual identity of three websites.

Because the survival of a not-for-profit organization depends on adapting to its environment and evolving market conditions, Christophe’s initiative and ability to react led him to develop new services in employability, entrepreneurship, and cooperatives.

His human qualities naturally led him to develop a welcome and training program for new employees. Provincial and national committees always recognized his contributions and initiatives, as well as his transparency and honesty. Managing human resources was one of his responsibilities, which he took on successfully by building a skilled, effective team focused on achieving results.

His knowledge and skills in the field of governance helped him ensure cohesion among the management team and use the board of directors’ expertise for the benefit of the organization (role of co-creator and generator). His recommendations and professional reports enabled his board of directors to implement strategic plans that he was able to enact through operational planning.

Investment attraction

Before coming to Canada, Christophe also had the opportunity to work in economic development in the United-States for four years, where he helped American and Canadian businesses enter the European market by investing in Normandy, France.

Along with his employer and the Agence française pour les investissements internationaux (AFII, now part of Business France), this international experience helped him develop his skills in investment attraction and regional attractiveness promotion, as he met senior executives of SMEs and large groups, some of whom he accompanied to France to visit implantation sites that could be home to production units, European logistic platforms, R&D centres, etc.

Other experiences

Through Adecco, the world leader in human resources for temporary work, he had the opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge and skills during his time with the division responsible for the official HR partnership for the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sydney.

Christophe holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the school of commerce and management in Tours, France. His passion for Asian languages and cultures led him to live in Japan and China. He has also done training and practiced in the following fields: community economic development, strategic planning, governance, social and digital media, human resource management.