Google Suite

Google App Suite for Organizations



Since the creation of its services, Google has always been able to maximize the benefits of cloud-based digital solutions. Today considered one of the benchmarks in terms of collaborative solutions for companies, Google knows how to seduce with its streamlined style and ease of use. You don’t have to be a technician to manage a company’s user accounts.

The G Suite solution offers a series of online productivity tools and software for professionals in the form of a subscription. This solution focuses on web and mobile applications that facilitate teamwork, collaboration, data sharing and still mobile. Google’s intuitive applications make their management and use disconcertingly easy and therefore within reach of everyone.

All too often, companies’ technological choices are imposed on employees without training. It is often assumed that users know how to use these applications, while their use in the workplace is far from optimal, resulting in a loss of productivity. It is therefore important to invest time in training work teams to make optimal use of these applications, while maintaining control over the data.

Training for Administrators: G Suite Admin Panel

  • Console and admin roles
  • Users and groups
  • Device management
  • Using G Drive
  • Settings: Drive and Docs
  • Archiving, backing up and restoring data
  • Settings: Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts
  • Security settings
  • Reports, audits and alerts
  • Computer sync



Training for Users: G Suite Applications 

  • Efficiently manage your emails, your time, and your priorities with Google: Gmail, Agenda and Todoist
  • Get well organized with Google Drive: Team Drive, My Drive and Computers
  • Time and data management with Google: Gmail, Agenda, Todoist and G Drive
  • Be proficient with Google Docs: Docs, Sheets and Slides


Renforcer les compétences informatiques de bureautique pour un travail encore plus efficace.


Gain de temps

La bonne utilisation des programmes informatiques permet de travailler plus rapidement.



Certains programmes permettent de mieux s’organiser dans son travail et d’avoir accès à l’information en tout temps.


L’apprentissage de nouvelles fonctionnalités rendent les utilisateurs et leur organisation plus performants.