Mac Users

Mac OS

Although the most widely used computer operating system is Windows, both individuals and organizations are becoming more and more seduced by the streamlined design, ease of use and performance of Apple-branded computers and their Mac OS operating system.

Each system has its own pros and cons. It is mainly a matter of adaptation and preference. However, changing the operating system can take quite some time to adapt before reaching a reasonable level of productivity.

In addition, the majority of trainings related to the use of hardware, programs and computer applications is only available to Windows users. It is to make up for this lack that all the services we offer are also available to Mac users  

Programs and applications we deliver to our Mac Users

  • Time and Priority Management using computer tools
  • Office Suite for Mac: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Office 365 Desktop Applications for Mac: Teams, Todo, OneNote
  • Data Backup and Syncing Applications: OneDrive, G Drive, Dropbox 
  • All desktop applications listed in our CRM and Project Management Implementation services
  • Mac-Native Office Software: Pages, Numbers and Keynote
  • Editions of Mac Operating System


Renforcer les compétences informatiques de bureautique pour un travail encore plus efficace.


Gain de temps

La bonne utilisation des programmes informatiques permet de travailler plus rapidement.



Certains programmes permettent de mieux s’organiser dans son travail et d’avoir accès à l’information en tout temps.


L’apprentissage de nouvelles fonctionnalités rendent les utilisateurs et leur organisation plus performants.