Office Suite & Google Docs

Proficient Use of Desktop Software from Microsoft and Google

Office Software

Too often, most common software are underutilized and basic tasks take longer to complete. Good knowledge in the use of these programs  makes employees more confident and  productivity increases significantly. These skills are often taken for granted and their improvements ignored, slowing down the execution of tasks and lengthening the time it takes to achieve results.

With recent more-cloud-oriented editions, teams can now work more efficiently with collaborative features such as viewing changes made by other collaborators in real time, direct access to create, edit and record files in the cloud. In addition, the integration of OneDrive and SharePoint (Microsoft) and G Drive (Google) makes it easier to share and back up data for the benefit of the entire organization. The most commonly underused products are Excel and Outlook, with particularly powerful features if used in a more optimal way, allowing, in some cases, to save up to several hours of work.  

Even though MS Access is also part of the Suite, we do not offer training for this product.  


Office Suite (Microsoft) :

  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Word
  • PowerPoint


Google Docs :

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides


  • 3 levels : beginner, intermediary, advanced
  • Tailored trainings available
  • Support documents and tools handed-out
  • Training also available for the Office Suite for Mac


Renforcer les compétences informatiques de bureautique pour un travail encore plus efficace.


Gain de temps

La bonne utilisation des programmes informatiques permet de travailler plus rapidement.



Certains programmes permettent de mieux s’organiser dans son travail et d’avoir accès à l’information en tout temps.


L’apprentissage de nouvelles fonctionnalités rendent les utilisateurs et leur organisation plus performants.