Project Management (App)

Why Use An App For Project Management?



Task management is a day-to-day activity regardless of the position held by an employee. Good management of tasks makes it possible to work more efficiently and productively. Today, there are high-performance collaborative tools that are easy to use, very user-friendly and well integrated with other applications in your IT environment: Office 365 and Google Suite collaborative platforms, calendars, CRMs, accounting software, etc.

A project management application allows your employees:

  • To assist them in the management of their tasks and projects;
  • To share the workload within your team
  • To follow all projects at all time;
  • To meet deadlines.

Project Management applications being nowadays all cloud-based, they offer a collaborative work platform among users who are given access permissions according to their responsibilities. The information is of course accessible at all time, from anywhere by logging on your account using the web or mobile app.

Most-Common Features


  • Creating simple to-do lists with sub-tasks and checklists;
  • Creating complex projects spanning over several months or years;
  • Sharing to-do lists or projects with collaborators;
  • Accessing eye-catching project views: Kanban, Gantt, calendar, etc. to optimize management and follow-ups;
  • Creating dependency links between tasks;
  • Accessing reports and dashboards, much appreciated by managers.

Our Approach

These applications are ideal tools to work as a team and to collaborate effectively on projects. With the multitude and complexity of projects managed by your organization, it becomes more relevant to have efficient solutions to assist your employees with the management of their activities. It then makes sense to have an overview of your projects’ state of progress, and ideally to be able to establish links with the operational and strategic plans of your organization. In this way, regardless of the progress of the projects, you are informed in real time of the tasks and activities carried out and those that remain to be completed in order to achieve your set objectives. 

It is this approach that our service offers to address: to set organizations not only with an application that helps employees and managers in the day-to-day management of tasks and projects, the allocation of workload within teams, but also to establish an integrated work plan capable of making the link with the operational plan, and even with the  strategic plan.

Our Service


  • Unlike almost all of our competitors, we do not offer a “one-size-fit-all” solution. 
  • We believe it is essential to provide our clients with THE tool that will best meet their needs. That’s why our resources are based on 10 project management applications and 4 task management applications.
  • The fact that we were not looking to sell you one particular solution enables us to remain highly objective and therefore to recommend the best-suited solution to your needs.
  • Our services are designed to keep our customers as independent as possible from the app provider, and from us.



  • Needs analysis: user interviews, needs identification
  • Selecting the best applications: recommendation of 3 solutions
  • Implementation: creation of admin and user accounts, customization, import and transfer of data, (lists, projects, operational and strategic plans), automation and integrations
  • Procedure: drafting a procedure to harmonize data and make it usable by managers
  • Training: for administrators and users, focuses on the features of the selected-solution, accompanied by support documentation.

Advantages Of Using A Project Management App

  • Manage your own tasks
  • Manage projects  on the same platform to  collaborate  with  colleagues, partners, clients, vendors, administrators
  • Better manage your time and priorities related to project tasks
  • Be more productive and efficient
  • Makes processes easier and simpler






  • Include procedures
  • Linking activities to the operational plan of its organisation
  • Linking its operational plans to the organization’s strategic plan
  • Managing the team’s workload
  • Set goals for employees
  • Set strategic goals
  • Integrated work plan: linking projects to strategic objectives


Renforcer les compétences informatiques de bureautique pour un travail encore plus efficace.


Gain de temps

La bonne utilisation des programmes informatiques permet de travailler plus rapidement.



Certains programmes permettent de mieux s’organiser dans son travail et d’avoir accès à l’information en tout temps.


L’apprentissage de nouvelles fonctionnalités rendent les utilisateurs et leur organisation plus performants.